I hope your day is filled with possibility.

I hope your day is filled with possibility.

I hope you happen upon a bakery and get the most amazing almond croissant and freshly brewed coffee.

I hope you get some good news that makes you smile widely as you wipe off the croissant flakes from your shirt.

I hope you get at least three really good hugs from people, animals, or plants.

I hope whoever you’re thinking about calls you, really calls you, and you have a great time catching up. You snort with laughter.

I hope you start a project you have been putting off. Spreading out all the ingredients on the table to create the perfect book, painting, shelf, cake, or garden.

I hope you smell sweetness in the air. It smells like campfires or BBQ or jasmine flowers or citrus.

I hope you glance at yourself in a reflection and get excited by your ever-changing, ever-aging magnificence.

I hope you make direct eye contact with a hummingbird, gently searching through a collection of flowers.

I hope that hummingbird gives you temporary relief from the anxiety you’ve been feeling in your chest.

I hope you take a walk through a forest and touch a mossy tree. It feels softer and more textured than you expect.

I hope you find a bench and get to watch the sunset over a large body of water. The sun lazily slopes down below the horizon, rippling orange, to red, to purple, to black. You close and open your eyes just to see the very last sliver disappear.

I hope you see all of your favorite constellations slowly emerging in the night, even if you don’t know all of the names. Hello Big Dipper! Hello Orion’s Belt!

I hope you put on your favorite pajamas, the ones with a silly print, and make yourself a warm cup of peppermint tea.

I hope you crack open a new favorite book and read it until your eyes feel heavy with satisfaction.

I hope you tuck yourself in with your softest blankets and thick pillows. Layering and fluffing up until you feel you’re in a warm and cozy cocoon.

I hope the moon gently shines through your window and wishes you a goodnight. Goodnight, you. Goodnight, moon.

I hope when you close your eyes, you have sweet, comforting, cloud-like dreams. ❤



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