I Finally got a Weighted Blanket

It took me the hottest minute to get on the weighted blanket train, but LET ME TELL YOU, I’m so glad I did. When I announced on my Facebook the other day that I got one for my birthday, apparently I was the very last one to the party. Everyone started comparing weights and textures. Frankly, I am grieving for past Sarah’s lack of sound, comforted sleep! Past Sarah wasn’t swaddled like a newborn baby on my bed’s bosom like I am now. What was I missing!?!

First, here are some crazy facts about weighted blankets:

  • Dr. Temple Grandin observed that cows being led through a compression device to hold them for vaccinations were much calmer than otherwise.
  • Being on the autism spectrum herself, Dr. Grandin wanted to develop a device that helped people with autism get the comfort of a hug without feeling restricted or confined.
  • So yes, weighted blankets are actually a therapy tool for folks on the spectrum and sensory processing disorders, and not just the latest HGTV craze that we all jumped on lately. This probably also explains why they are, on average, pretty expensive.
  • They help with anxiety: According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) a study looked at the vital signs of adults using weighted blankets and found that 63% of participants felt less anxious while using the blanket. 63%?!?!? The study also mentions a 33% drop in electrodermal activity, which are your sweat glands responding to stress. Hot-diggity-sleeping-soundly-dog!
  • They can help with ADHD, restless, leg syndrome, ease the pain of Fibromyalgia, and of course help with sleepless nights. Here are more cool facts from a reputable source: https://www.livescience.com/59315-weighted-blankets-faq.html

In any case, if you’re finding sleep is very much disordered (IN TIMES LIKE THESE, but also, maybe always???) think back to when Dr. Temple Grandin first gently squeezed those cows to give them their vaccinations. If the science is there, and somehow these little beanbags in my new blanket are making me sleep better, I’m all for it.

By the way, mine is an 18 pounder.